Tool steel as round steel, flat steel and sheet metal

Tool steel

Tool steel from stock

Due to the higher level of purity and the low phosphorous & sulphur content, tool steel is regarded as stainless steel and can be ordered from us directly from stock.

Cold-work steels, such as 1.2379, 1.2510, 1.2767 and 1.2842, are particularly suitable for producing tools and can be utilised for processing temperatures of up to 200°C. Material 1.2080 is a very commonly used tool steel among chrome steels.

For tool steel that is constantly exposed to temperatures of over 200°C, it is advisable to use hot-working steel of the material grades 1.2343, 1.2344, 1.2365 and 1.2714.

We’re happy to draw up an individual quotation for you, based on your specified dimensions and tolerances, for the purchase of tool steel as round steel, flat steel or sheet metal.

Tool steel in improved quality

With the Electro-slag Remelting Process (ESR), the tool steels 1.2343 ESR, 1.2344 ESR, 1.2379 ESR and 1.2767 ESR show improved material properties, such as better material purity, high tensile and pressure strength, as well as a homogenous microstructure. This process has a positive effect on service life. Order ESR qualities online via the application form now!

Further processing of tool steel

We have over 20 material grades of tool steel in stock at all times, which we will saw, mill and drill in accordance with your specified dimensions on request. Use the filter function to find the right material quickly and easily. We’re happy to answer your questions and to draw up a quotation for you, free of charge. Contact us now for further information.

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