Tool steel as round steel, flat steel and sheet metal

Tool steel

Tool steel from stock

You can purchase tool steels for cold and hot work applications, plastic mould steels, as well as mould steels for light metal die casting from us ex-stock.

Cold work tool steels for working temperatures up to approx. 200°C, such as 1.2080 (highest degree of hardness and wear resistance), 1.2379 (secondary hardening with good toughness and excellent wear resistance), 1.2358 (pre-hardened, high toughness, excellent surface hardenability), 1.2510 and 1.2842 (standard cold work tool steels with good price/performance ratio) and 1.2767 (high toughness, good polishability) are particularly well suited for manufacturing cutting, punching, bending and forming tools.

Depending on your individual requirements, tool steels can provide high wear resistance, through hardenability, toughness, polishability or surface hardenability.

Hot work tool steels for working temperatures above 200°C, such as 1.2343 and 1.2344 are primarily used for aluminium die-casting moulds. Also available in ESR quality (electroslag remelting process) for special requirements.

1.2714 for forging dies, extrusion tools and numerous fields of application, high pressure, and heat resistance in soft-annealed or high-tempered design.

Corrosion-resistant, pre-hardened tool steels
Here you will find a range of pre-hardened and tempered, corrosion-resistant steels for use with corrosive plastics, e.g. 1.2316, and 1.2085 with added sulphur for improved machinability. 1.2083 provides improved polishability and 1.2083 ESR exhibits the highest degree of purity.

We are happy to 3D saw your desired dimensions from homogeneously forged bar material.

Tool steel in improved quality

As a result of the electroslag remelting process (ESR), the tool steels 1.2343 ESR1.2344 ESR1.2379 ESR1.2767 ESR and 1.2083 ESR feature improved material properties, such as better material purity, high tensile and compressive strength, and a homogeneous microstructure. Enquire about ESR qualities online using the enquiry form.

Further processing of tool steel

We keep over 20 grades of tool steel in stock, which we are happy to saw and mill to your required dimensions upon request. We would be happy to answer any questions you may have and provide you with a free quote. The range of products we have in stock is constantly expanding according to customer requirements. Contact us now to receive more information.

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