Hardness test, spectral analysis & structural analysis of steel

External services

With us you receive the complete package: from the hardness test, the spectral analysis, the microstructure investigation up to microscopic examinations we offer you everything from a hand!

Expansion of our range of services

By working together with well-known partner companies, we can offer you a wide range of services.

From hardness tests, spectral analyzes, microstructural investigations to microscopic examinations and heat treatment, you will receive the complete package from us and always have a central contact person for your orders.

External services at a glance

Mechanical-technological tests

  • Hardness test according to Brinell, Vickers and Rockwell

  • Tensile test at room temperature, up to 800°C

  • Impact bending test up to -196 ° C, according to DIN EN 10045-1, ISO 148

Chemical tests

  • Spectral analyzes (Fe, Al, and Ni matrix)

Metallographic tests

  • Particle size determination

  • Structural evaluation

  • Determination of the degree of purity

  • Microhardness measurement from HV0.05 to HV1

Non-destructive testing

  • Surface crack inspection (magnetic powder and dye penetration method)

  • Ultrasonic testing

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