Steel classifications divided into properties

Steel classification

The most important properties and application areas of the individual steel categories.

Steel grades sorted in groups

Steel grades are sorted into different groups according to their properties. The steel’s usage properties are affected by different alloying elements.

Types of steel  Properties     

Application area

Stainless steel

High level of purity

Where acid resistance is needed

Hardened steel and nitriding steel

Wear-resistant and tough  

Extreme stress

Fine-grained steel

High yield strength,
very fine grain

Reinforced concrete construction with high tension

Heat-resistant steel

Chem. resistance up to 1,100°C

Extraordinary level of heat resistance

High-temperature resistant steel

Strong under fluctuating temperatures

Extreme, thermochemical stress

Nickel-base alloy

High corrosion & heat resistance

High corrosion requirements

Quenched and tempered steel

High tensile & fatigue strength

Dynamically stressed parts

Bearing steel

High purity, fatigue strength

For high dynamic stress

Temperature-resistant steel

Good reinforcing properties

Resistance to high temperature corrosion

Tool steel

high level of purity,
low phosphorous & sulphur content

High pressure strength