Our social commitment to the region and company information

Social commitment

Our social commitment to the region and company information

Entrepreneurial success and social action are closely related for us.

Happiness, is sharing success with others

The future and wellbeing of our children, is a really important matter for him, which is why he actively supports social projects and children clubs. Stahlhandel Gröditz support many other projects on a regularly basis. The way in which the steel trading engages in the society is very diverse. The involvement encompasses regional and international projects as well as internal actions for the benefit of employees. A detailed overview can be found on our website.

Soziales Engagement - Stahlhandel Gröditz


Commitment to the region...

We stand behind our region and its people and their similar projects in the fields of sport, culture, education and social issues.

    • FV Gröditz 1911 e.V. 
    • TSV Blau-Weiß Gröditz e.V. 
    • Super Dance Club e.V. Gröditz
    • Kreisfeuerwehrverband Meißen e.V.
    • Schützenverein Frauenhain 1888 e.V. 
    • Verein Gohrisch-Heide Jacobsthal/Bahnhof e.V.
    • Kindertagesstätte Röderquirle Röderaue
    • Bündnis für Demokratie und Zivilcourage Gröditz e.V.
    • Freiwillige Feuerwehr Nauwalde
    • ArTAS e.V. Finsterwalde
    • Heimatverein Maasdorf
    • Outlaw gGmbH Riesa
    • Kindertagesstätte Sonnenland Gröditz
    • Oberschule Siegfried Richter Gröditz
    • Astrid-Lindgren-Grundschule Falkenberg/Elster
    • Kinderhaus Wirbelwind Nauwalde
    • Kindertagesstätte Lindenhäuschen Elsterwerda
    • Freiwillige Feuerwehr Gröditz
    • Altersschiene e.V.
    • DRK Jugendrotkreuz Riesa
    • ESV Lokomotive Riesa e.V.
    • SC Riesa e.V. - Rhythmische Sportgymnastik
    • Förderverein Evangelisches Schulzentrum Riesa
    • Kleinhayn - Zukunft Jugend 21 e.V.
    • TSC Strehla 2019 e.V.
    • Kunst & Kultursommer Saxdorf e.V.
    • Kindertagesstätte Gänseblümchen Kröbeln e.V.
    • Oppelhainer Mühlenmarkt
    • Riesaer Cheerleaderverein e.V.
    • ASB Riesa
    • Jugendhilfe Gröditz e.V.
    • ASB Kindertagesstätte "Kunterbunter Schmetterling"

    Supraregional commitment...

    We have donated for these clubs / projects :

    • Deutsche Stiftung Meeresschutz
    • Fairventures Worldwide FVW gGmbH
    • Aktionstag „Genial Sozial“
    • SOS Kinderdörfer
    • DECHEMA e.V. 
    • Grashof Rugby Club Essen e.V.
    • Marcel Thiele - Wiederaufbau einer Schule in Nepal

    Company commitment...

    Not only the "outside" social commitment is important to us, but also the well-being of the employees of Stahlhandel Gröditz it is a very important matter to the management.

    Some of the employee benefits are:

    • Free lunch
    • Drinks at the workplace
    • Free use of the BrainLight massage table
    • Employee discounts
    • Further education & training
    • Summer and Christmas party