Purchase quenched and tempered steel

Quenched and tempered steel

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Quenched and tempered steel stands out due to its high tensile and fatigue strength, which develops through hardening and tempering. Quenched and tempered steel is usually classified by the individual amount of nickel, chrome, manganese and molybdenum, adjusted to the specific purpose of application.

Based on your specified dimensions and tolerances, we are happy to draw up a suitable quotation for you for the purchase of round steel, flat steel or sheet metals.

Application areas for quenched and tempered steels

The materials C45 and C60 are, for instance, unalloyed structural steels that are not suitable for welded constructions. In engineering, particularly quenched and tempered steels such as 1.6580, 1.6582 and 1.7225 are used for dynamically stressed parts. Due to their greater strength, crankshafts, axles and aircraft landing gears are manufactured from them.

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On request, we saw, mill and drill your steel cuts in accordance with your preferred dimensions. We’re happy to answer your questions and to draw up a quotation for you, free of charge. Contact us now for further information.

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