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Nickel-base alloy

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Nickel-base alloys are excellent for processing and are characterised by a high resistance to corrosion and heat. The essential element is nickel, which has various alloying elements added to it.

We are happy to create an individual offer, based on your specified dimensions and tolerances, for you to purchase the nickel-base alloy as flat steel.

Nickel-base Alloy 825

Our nickel-base alloy can be ordered online as forged flat steel, directly from stock. Material Alloy 825 is a trailblazing alloy in the field.

It is used mainly for pipelines in the oil and gas industry. We are happy to answer your questions and create a non-binding offer for nickel-base alloy.


Nickel-base Alloy 625 ESU

In the non-magnetic metal alloys, nickel and chromium are the main alloying elements, as in the material Alloy 625 ESU. Conventional high-alloy stainless steels often no longer meet the requirements of environmental technology systems and in chemical process engineering to a sufficient extent. In this respect, the nickel-based alloys are superior to the heat-resistant, stainless steel alloys in their resistance to corrosion and in their fatigue and creep behaviour at operating temperatures above 500°C. In addition, such materials can also be found with excellent mechanical properties when used at low temperatures. If the welding characteristics are taken into consideration, processing in welded constructions is also possible without further processing.

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