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Temperature-resistant steel

Temperature-resistant steel

We offer saw-cut temperature-resistant steel ex-stock, available as round steel, flat steel, and sheet metal. 

Temperature-resistant steel exhibits excellent strength properties at high temperatures. Mechanical stress, maximum temperatures and the intended application should all be taken into account when selecting temperature-resistant steel grades.

Temperature-resistant steel 1.0460 provides heat resistance of up to 480°C. In contrast, 1.7380 can be worked at up to 580°C in continuous operation.

Working with temperature-resistant steel

The working temperature of temperature-resistant steel is 400 to 600°C, which provides sufficient resistance to high-temperature corrosion. High-temperature steel is primarily alloyed with molybdenum, chrome, vanadium, and tungsten. This results in sufficient structural stability and good creep strength. Temperature-resistant chromium-nickel steel cannot be used at temperatures above 600°C.

You can submit enquiries regarding our large steel trade warehouse and get an overview of higher temperature requirements in the heat-resistant steel and high-temperature resistant steel sections on our website.


Processing temperature-resistant steel

We are happy to saw and mill steel to your required individual dimensions and guarantee a fast delivery.

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