1.4841 (X15CrNiSi25-21) solution- annealed and quenched

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1.4841 (X15CrNiSi25-21) directly from stock & cut to your required dimensions!

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The 1.4841 is a heat-resistant, austenitic chromium-nickel steel. It is chemically resistant up to approx. 1100°C, has a medium corrosion resistance and due to the higher chromium and Nickel content has a good heat resistance. It impresses with its good strength and mechanical properties at high temperatures.

Application areas

This steel grade is mainly used in apparatus construction for high temperature applications, in the chemical industry, in mechanical engineering, in the oil industry, in furnace construction as well as in the cement chain industry.

Machinabilitymedium 7 (1 = poor - 10 = good)
Corrosion resistancemedium
Corrosion class3 (0 = weak - 5 = good)

Special features:

~ In the air until about 1150°C scale resistant

Heat treatment
 Temperature in °CCooling
Hot forming1.150 - 800air
Heat treatment  
Solution annealing1.050 - 1.150air, water (rapid cooling)


Welding: the 1.4841 can be welded without any preheating using common methods. Since there is a tendency to warm crack, the limitation of the maximum welding energy should be kept low. After welding no heat treatment is required. 1.4842 can be recommended as welding filler. The heat input can influence the corrosion resistance.

Forging: The forging process can be carried out between 1175°C and 1000°C. The rapid cooling then takes place in water or in air.

Machining: The cutting must be done with low cutting depths and low cutting speeds.

Corrosion resistance: Corrosion resistance to oxidizing and reducing sulfur-containing gases is low. Here the use is limited to temperatures below 650°C.


Cold forming              is possible
Cold divingis possible
Free-form and drop forgingis possible
Spent processingvery rare


Physical Properties:

Density in kg/dm37,9
Electr. Resistance at 20°C (Ω mm2 /m)0,9
Thermal conductivity at 20°C in W/(m K)15,0
Specific heat capacity at 20°C in J/(kg K)500


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Chemical composition
min. 1,5   24 19      
max.0,22,52,00,0450,01526  22     
max.      0,11            
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Flat steel, annealed and quenched
Plate, rolled, annealed and quenched

Advantages of saw cut

The processing with the saw is a mechanical processing of the material, which results in a significantly lower unintended deformation and increased hardness for the existing structure, such as the thermal cutting.

Thus, the machined workpiece has a homogeneous structure even at the edge, which does not change in the continuation of the material.

This circumstance allows immediate finishing of the workpiece with milling or drilling . So it is not necessary to anneal the material or make a similar operation beforehand.

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