1.4828 Material Data Sheet (X15CrNiSi20-12)

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1.4828 from stock, sawn to your required dimensions!

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The material 1.4828 is a popular stainless steel in the field of furnace construction and high-temperature components, due to its scale resistance. If special emphasis is placed on the mechanical properties, this material quality can be selected thanks to the high tensile strength at high temperatures.

The mechanical properties of the material can be compared with the steel grade 1.4841.


Areas of application

This stainless steel is used for example in the chain industry, mechanical engineering, the automotive industry and high-temperature equipment. Further application possibilities are in the elaboration of sieves and gratings.

Corrosion resistancelow

Special features:

  • This material can be used in a temperature range of between 800°C and 1000°C

  • The scale resistant in the air is up to 1000°C

Hardness according to Brinell: ≤ 223 HB

Tensile strength Rm: 550 - 750 N/mm²

Mechanical properties at room temperature:

≥ 230≥ 30  


Forging: The forging process takes place at 1150°C to 800°C followed by rapid water or air cooling.

Welding: The 1.4828 can be weld with all methods without or with slight preheating. After treatment is not necessary, but it should be cooled slowly from the welding heat.

Corrosion resistance: There is little resistance to oxidising and sulphurous gases, which means that it can only be used at temperatures below 650°C. Against carburizing and nitrogen-containing gases, corrosion resistance is not that good.

Machining: Should be performed in the solution-annealed condition at low cutting speeds. Due to the low thermal conductivity, care must be taken to ensure adequate cooling.


Heat treatment

With a heat treatment optimum properties of this material are achieved.

 Temperature in °CCooling
Heat treatment  
Solution annealing (+ AT)1050 - 1150water, air



Cold formingis possible
Spent processingis possible
Cold divingis possible
Free-form and drop forgingis possible
Machine processingis not common


Physical Properties:

Density in kg/dm37,9
Electr. Resistance at 20°C in (Ω mm2)/m0,85
Thermal conductivity at 20°C in W/(m K)15
Specific heat capacity at 20°C in J/(kg K)500


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Chemical composition
min. 1,5   19,0 11,0   
max.0,202,52,00,0450,01521,0 13,0   
max.      0,10         
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Flat, solution annealed and quenched

Advantages of saw cut

The processing with the saw is a mechanical processing of the material, which results in a significantly lower unintended deformation and increased hardness for the existing structure, such as the thermal cutting.

Thus, the machined workpiece has a homogeneous structure even at the edge, which does not change in the continuation of the material.
This circumstance allows immediate finishing of the workpiece with milling or drilling. So it is not necessary to anneal the material or make a similar operation beforehand.

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