AISI 321 - International Designation AISI

AISI 321 Data Sheet

AISI 321

Under the standardization AISI 321, we understand the following steel grade in the German material system:

1.4541 – X6CrNiTi18-10 (AISI 321)

The Material 321 is a stainless, austenitic steel in where the carbon is bonded by the carbide-forming agent titanium. For this reason, welding can be performed without the risk of intergranular corrosion. A heat treatment is not required after welding.

Because of its special properties, the AISI 321 is very often used for welded parts in chemical apparatus engineering and the food industry. It is also used in the pulp and paper and nuclear industries.

The corrosion resistance of AISI 321 is good, as long as it is used in natural waters with low chlorine and salt concentration and also low concentration of nitric or organic acids.

When quenched, the AISI 321 material can be easily magnetized.

With increasing cold deformation, the magnetizability continues to increase.

Due to the tendency to work hardening and the poor thermal conductivity, the machining should be carried out with tools made of high-speed steel or carbide.

The Material 1.4541 (AISI 321) is structurally and structurally comparable to the material 1.4878  (AISI 321 H).

Chemical Composition AISI 321

AISI 321
min.bisbisbisbisbis17,0 9,05xC
max.0,081,02,00,0450,0319,0 12,00,7
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