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AISI 321H Overview


Under the standardization AISI 321H, we understand the following steel grade in the German material system:

1.4878 – X8CrNiTi18-10 (AISI 321H)

AISI 321H is an austenitic, heat-resistant chrome-nickel steel, which is suitable for use up to 850°C due to its scale resistance. AISI 321H is comparable in structure and construction with the quality AISI 321 and has, like this, a good corrosion resistance. To avoid pitting corrosion, the steel grade 1.4878, just like the 1.4541, should not be exposed to sea air, seawater or saline for extended periods of time.

AISI 321 is suitable for all common welding processes and especially for laser welding. The addition of titanium makes AISI 321H resistant to intergranular corrosion during welding.

Because of its special properties, this heat-resistant stainless steel is used for components that require good mechanical properties and heat resistance up to 850°C. From this austenitic steel, are built for example Hardness boxes and annealing furnaces. AISI 321H is frequently used in the high-temperature sector, apparatus and industrial furnace construction, aviation, mechanical engineering and the food industry.

Chemical composition AISI 321H

min.     17,0 9,05xC
max.0,081,02,00,0450,0319,0 12,00,70
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