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AISI 4340 Data Sheet

AISI 4340

This AISI standard belongs to the group ASTM A29.

ASTM A29 is the standard specification for carbon steels and alloyed structural steels to which the following AISI standards can be assigned.

Under the standardization AISI 4340, we understand the following material grades in the German material system:

1.6511 - 36CrNiMo4
1.6565 - 36CrNiMo4
1.6580 - 30crnimo8
1.6582 - 34CrNiMo6

The materials that can be assigned to the AISI 4340 are low alloy, medium carbon steels known for their toughness and strength.

The AISI 4340 contains the so-called nickel-chromium-molybdenum steels, which are generally tempered for their intended use. Some materials, for example: 1.6580 and 1.6582 can then be surface-hardened using the nitriding process.

When hardened, the AISI 4340 materials are both tough and wear resistant. They are always used when other alloyed steels do not have the necessary hardenability to achieve the required strength.

ASTM A2943400.38-0.430.60-0.80<0.035<0.0400.15-0.351.65-2.000.70-0.900.20-0.30

The above materials can be processed by all common methods. Example: turning, milling and drilling.

In summary, the AISI 4340 stands for materials that are ideal for highly stressed components.


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