AISI 6150 - chrome-vanadium steel from stock

AISI 6150 Data Sheet

AISI 6150

This AISI standard belongs to the group ASTM A29.

ASTM A29 is the standard specification for carbon steels and alloyed structural steels to which the following AISI standards can be assigned.

Under the standardization AISI 6150, we understand the following material grades in the German material system:

1.8159 - 51CrV4 

The AISI 6150 describes a chrome-vanadium steel from the spring steel category. The small addition of vanadium causes a greater hardness, which can be achieved with a heat treatment.

This is accompanied by excellent resistance to impact and abrasion. In this way is the material 1.8159 best suited for components that are primarily stressed, for example: exposed shocks and vibrations.

It is easy to work and can be welded, but this should be done in the annealed condition and not in the cured state.


ASTM A2961500.48-0.530.70-0.90<0.035<0.0400.15-0.350.80-1.10


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