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AISI 8620 Data Sheet

AISI 8620

In English-speaking countries, the following materials are known under AISI 8620:

1.6523 - 21NiCrMo2 (AISI 8620)

1.6526 - 20NiCrMoS2-2 (AISI 8620)

AISI 8620 material refers to a low-alloyed nickel, chromium, molybdenum insert steel with a high external and a good internal strength, which makes it particularly wear-resistant.

If pre-cured and tempered, it can also be surface hardened by nitriding, but due to the low carbon content, it does not respond well to induction or flame hardening.

AISI 8620 steel is suitable for areas that require a good combination of wear resistance and toughness.

Chemical composition AISI 8620


ASTM A2986200,18-0,230,70-0,90<0,035<0,0400,15-0,350,40-0,700,40-0,600,15-0,25
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