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AISI 904L Data Sheet


Under the standardization AISI 904L, we understand the following material quality in the German material system:

1.4539 – X1NiCrMoCu25-20-5 (AISI 904L)

AISI 904L is a stainless, super austenitic steel that is resistant to many organic and inorganic acids due to the high levels of nickel and chromium combined with molybdenum and copper.

Another special feature of the material AISI 904L is its high resistance to pitting and stress corrosion cracking. Its corrosion resistance is excellent, which is why AISI 904L is often used in shipbuilding and for components used in seawater and brackish water.

AISI 904L can be used in seawater up to 70°C, in sulfuric or phosphoric acid and in places containing chloride. Other application areas of material 1.4539 is in the construction industry, in the chemical industry, in machines used for manufacturing artificial fertilizers and in the medical and pharmaceutical industries.

Hot forming of AISI 904L is possible at 1200°C - 900°C. The cooling takes place in the air. In order to avoid the formation of brittle and intermetallic phases, the resting time in the range of 600°C - 900°C must be minimized.

In general, AISI 904L can be worked well cold. However, the work hardening of the material requires higher forming forces.

AISI 904L can be used in the temperature range between -60°C to 400°C.

Chemical composition AISI 904L

min.     19,04,024,0 1,2
max.0,02    21,05,026,0 2,0  
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