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AISI 430F Overview


The AISI 430F is a stainless and acid resistant material, martensitic and chromium steel with 17% chrome and molybdenum alloyed as well as with sulfur. In Germany it is commonly known under the number 1.4104. International, he is also referred to as: 1.4104, STS430F, SUS430F, S11714 and SIS2383.

1.4104 – X14CrMoS17 (AISI 430F)

The special feature of the grade X14CrMoS17 is the sulfur additive. This improves its machinability. For example, AISI 430F, which is also referred to as free-cutting steel, can be used for turned parts in machine work.

Here, however, no great demands should be placed on the corrosion resistance. The high sulfur content reduces toughness and corrosion resistance, which is noticeable in chloride-containing media.

AISI 430F is not suitable for joint welding and cold forming. Great careful is to be taking into consideration when forging, this is due to the high sulfur content.

The main fields of application are the automobile industry, for electronic equipment, the hydraulic and as construction parts in the water and steam range. The AISI 430F is machined into axles, fittings, bolts, nuts and spindles.

Chemical composition AISI 430F

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