New arrival: the heat-resistant steel 1.4828

The material 1.4828 is characterized by a high scale resistance and tensile strength at temperatures above 600°C. This heat-resistant steel is used in the automotive industry, machine and industrial furnace construction as well as in the Chain industry, where the high temperatures and the considerable mechanical stress are really important. Due to the quenching in water at around 1100°C achieves excellent application properties for this austenitic material.

A highlight of this material is the great resistance to nitrogen-containing, oxygen-poor gases. The required oxidation resistance is achieved by the alloying elements chromium and silicon, with an addition of about 12% nickel, in order to increase the adhesion of the passivation film. In industrial furnace construction, materials like this one have made possible the economic construction of continuously operating furnaces.

It is not recommended to use in welded constructions without heat treatment.