How much steel is in your window?

Have you taken a closer look at your windows lately? Maybe a re-touching is needed, but that is not the point that we will like to discuss.

Take a closer look to your window frame: have you ever wondered how it was made? Who or what brings the plastic in the form so that everything fits perfectly?

The method used is called extrusion:

Various substances are melted and transported as a viscous mass with pressure through a shaping opening and then cooled.

Extrusion has been supporting the industry for over a century

The versatile applications of extrusion have made this process very popular in the industry for well over 100 years. At first, rubber was used predominantly until plastics became more and more in focus in the 20th century in order to be able to produce continuously and with consistent quality.

Many different shapes can be generated: pipes, plates, foils, or profiles, such as a window frame. But also gaskets, hoses, wiper rubbers of windshield wipers or other smaller car parts can be also produced this way.

However, it is not just plastics that are used for this purpose. The principle of extrusion can also be carried out with dough-shaped foods, rubber, ceramic materials or aluminum.

Depending on which materials are used, how high the pressure and the temperature at which they are processed, the material is selected.

Extrusion mit vielfältigen Anwendungsmöglichkeiten

How Stahlhandel Gröditz and the extrusion come together

For this type of procedure are more commonly used some of our stock material like the 1.4122, 1.8550 and 1.8519.

Our sawn forgings are ideal as a housing for the so-called twin-screw extruder.

As you can see, steel affects our lives in many ways. This is how steel helps everyday products to shape them into the way we need them.

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