Winners - Spring Festival Elsterwerda

Stahlhandel Gröditz was present at the Spring Festival in Elsterwerda as part of the economic forum. In the competition, the total weight of the exhibits could be estimated. The participants with the 3 most exact weights have won a voucher from the hotel "Spanischer Hof". Thank you for the numerous estimates.

Here are the results: The actual weight of the exhibits (without wooden box) is 12,35 kg.

  1. Price - estimated total weight 12 kg
    Voucher for the hotel "Spanischer Hof" worth € 50
    J. Kaulisch from Tröbitz
  2. Price - estimated total weight 13,5 kg
    Voucher for the hotel "Spanischer Hof" worth € 40
    M. Hoppe from Gröditz
  3. Price - estimated total weight 10,6 kg
    Voucher for the hotel "Spanischer Hof" worth € 30
    M. Böhmig from Mühlberg

The vouchers can be picked up at the reception in the Hotel Spanischer Hof upon presentation of an identity card.

The Stahlhandel Gröditz congratulates and wishes the winners a lot of fun while staying in the hotel Hotel „Spanischer Hof“.