Sawn blanks from Powder Steel – now available from stock

As an addition to our range of materials, we have now included the PM steel to our stock, it is a forged steel and belongs to the ​​"alloyed tool steel" group. This material is known with the designation DPM450 (SPM20CV).

We offer the certified material SPM20CV with the highest purity requirements according to ASTM E45 method A as sawn cuts according to the customer’s dimensions. It is produced analogously in accordance with the Russian GOST standard of the material CH20WMF4-MP (X20BMФ4-MП). The material with a carbon content of approx. 1,90% is supplied soft-annealed to enable mechanical processing and can be hardened to over 60 HRC for later use without any problems.

Our stock material is first of all soft annealed max. 300HBW and afterwards quenched to 64 HRC this is noted in the mill certificate. The limits of the chemical analysis are precisely balanced, especially with the elements oxygen (max. 0,020%), argon (≤ 0,05 ppm corresponds to 0,000005%); Titanium (max. 0,03% as well as copper, cobalt, to name only the most important.

The ultrasound examination according to EN10228-3 corresponds to quality class.

Sawn blanks from Powder Steel – now available from stock

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