1.2842 (90MnCrV8)

1.2842 (90MnCrV8) directly from stock & cut to your required dimensions!

International term:


Application field:

Cold work tool steel, most commonly used tool steel. Curable. High hardenability, high dimensional stability, good cutting properties and toughness. Working hardness 57-62 HRC

Cuts &. Stamping tools, (up to 6 mm sheet thickness) shear blades, threading tools, thread dies, plastic molds, machine knives, woodworking tools, devices, guide bars, dies, gauges, inserts in moldindustry.


soft annealed max. 229 HB

Machinability:   5 (1 = bad - 10 = good)

Weldability:        bad

Corrosion class: 1 (0 = low - 5 = good

Analyse chimique:

min. 0,85 0,1 1,8     0,2 0,7     0,05
max. 0,95 0,4 2,2 0,03 0,03 0,5 0,5     0,20  
The chemical composition please take out of the print version.

From stock:

flat, firged, soft-annealed


Benefit of sawn cuts:

The processing with the saw is a mechanical processing of the material, which results in a significantly lower unintended deformation and increased hardness for the existing structure, such as the thermal cutting.

Thus, the machined workpiece has a homogeneous structure even at the edge, which does not change in the continuation of the material.

This circumstance allows immediate finishing of the workpiece with milling or drilling . So it is not necessary to anneal the material or make a similar operation beforehand.