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1.4057 (X17CrNi16-2)

1.4057 (X17CrNi16-2) directly from stock & cut to your required dimensions

International term:

AISI431 / BS431S29 / SIS2321 / GOST14Ch172N / SUS431 / WL4044 / SS2321

Application field:

1.4057 is a corrosion and acid resistant martensitic chromium steel with nickel additive. The formation of chromium carbides and the associated chromium-depleted areas makes this material susceptible to intergranular corrosion.

Main application in mechanical engineering, petroleum and petrochemical industry and aviation.


Weldability:         good

Machinability:      5 (1 = very bad - 10 = good)

Polishability:       yes

Corrosion class:   2 (0 = weak - 5 = good)

Chemical composition:

min. 0,12         15,0   1,5    
max. 0,22 1,0 1,5 0,04 0,02 17,0   2,5    
The chemical composition please take out of the print version.

From stock:

flat, forged, quenched and tempered


Benefit of sawn cuts:

The processing with the saw is a mechanical processing of the material, which results in a significantly lower unintended deformation and increased hardness for the existing structure, such as the thermal cutting. Thus, the machined workpiece has a homogeneous structure even at the edge, which does not change in the continuation of the material.

This circumstance allows immediate finishing of the workpiece with milling or drilling . So it is not necessary to anneal the material or make a similar operation beforehand.